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Social Science Grade Repair

Semester Support Units (Highfalutin, technical rules)

  • Each unit must be completed to earn a 10% change in the regular class.

  • Four (4) Units of the class will be offered per semester for remediation

  • Each unit is distinct and individual; the points earned in one unit cannot be used in a later unit.

  • Total points for each unit will equal 400 points although more points may be available for each unit.

  • A minimum of 70% of total points (300 points) must be earned for a unit to be considered complete.

  • Each support unit cannot be repeated for an additional percent change.

  • Support units are only available for the current year a student is enrolled in the course.

  • During the school year, all assignments must be turned in as hard (paper) copies, no electronic assignments will be allowed. 


How this Works

Your Final Semester Grade

What You Can Do

Time Required

D- to D+ (60-69%)

Complete one Unit

6 hours (2 weeks)

F+ (50-59%)

Complete two Units

12 hours (4 weeks)

F (40-49%)

Complete three Units

18 hours (6 weeks)

F (30-39%)

Complete four units

24 hours (8 weeks)


No Interventions available:
Summer School or Repeat Semester