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World History Interventions

Fall Semester Units

Book Chapter(s)

Unit One

Sources of Democratic Tradition

Ch. 1

Unit Two

Development of Modern Political Thought

Ch 2 and 3

Unit Three

The Industrial Revolution

Ch, 5 and 6

Unit Four


Ch. 9 and 10

Unit Five

World War I

Ch. 11

Spring Semester Units

Book Chapter(s)

Unit Six

Effects of World War I

Ch. 12

Unit Seven

The Rise of Totalitarian Governments

Ch 13

Unit Eight

World War II and the Holocaust

Ch 14

Unit Nine

The Cold War and Rebuilding of Europe


Unit Ten

The World Since WWII

Ch.16 and 17


To show you are serious about completing at least one unit- Answer all of the chapter section questions in the first Unit you want to complete- this assignment will count towards the first 40 points of your Unit.

For all Question ONE in each section- ignore the question directions- identify or define all of the terms listed