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My Classes

This year I am so excited to be teaching ...

Careers with Children


Apparel Design and Production (Sewing and Fashion)

Here's to a great year my friends!!!

Aimee Daniels

Current Assignments

Dance, Dance, Dance the Night Away..........

With Prom season being at the forefront of our minds, our thoughts are filled with creating a night to remember. Ask any girl and she will say that the perfect dress is key to having a great prom experience. Ask any guy and he wants a fun party bus and delicious food. Yeah, guys want to look handsome, but they would rather trade in style for comfort.


Ladies, for you, it’s all about the dress, shoes, hair, and nails. Four inch heals are still all of the rage, but take it from a former fashionista, bring some comfortable dancing shoes. You will be much happier if you trade in style for comfort on the dance floor.  There are several stores around Woodland that sell the Dr. Scholls’ Fast flats that fit into even the smallest evening bag. They have saved my life a time or two. I found mine at Target for $6.49. I bought the black and the gold. They look like ballet flats and feel like slippers.




This year, PHS has implemented a dance contract for all dances. No, my friends, this is not going away and will remain in effect for all dances for years to come. We can all agree that we want to be safe and happy at our dances, and by all means thwart

(prevent by means of preparation) any wardrobe malfunctions.  The new dress code allows you to feel a little spicy and still retain the modesty that keeps you wardrobe malfunction free.


Pioneer High School Dance Dress Code.


Gentlemen are encouraged to wear a suit, tuxedo, or sports coat, but at a minimum, they are expected to wear semi-formal wear, such as nice pants, nice shoes, and a nice shirt. Torn clothing will not be permitted. Ties are encouraged, but not required. Undergarments should not be visible, but are greatly encouraged to be worn.


Dresses may be strapless or include spaghetti straps. Bare or open backs are acceptable; however, girls should not wear dresses with excessively low backs. Two piece dresses baring the midriff or abdomen are not allowed. Cut outs must be modest. Sheer/see-through fabric over bare areas is not acceptable. If the fabric of the dress is sheer, it must be lined to cover essential areas. Undergarments should not be visible, but are greatly encouraged to be worn. Dresses with slits that are above the mid-thigh are not permitted. Garments that are excessively tight or low-cut in front are also not acceptable. Short dresses are expected to be at a minimum length to the mid thigh.

All students:
If the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to administrators beforehand to determine if it is dance appropriate.

The determination of the appropriateness of student dress and grooming shall rest with the principal/vice- principals.

Students and their dates who are non-compliant with the dress code will not be admitted to the dance or will be escorted out of the dance. No refunds will be given for dance dress code infractions in which these students are asked to leave.


Looking sharp guys!

Formal dance                                                                                                   Casual dance



Beauty defined!


Formal dance                                                                                                 Casual dance


Apparel and Design (Clothing)

Sewing machine

Lab Fees for Apparel and Design (Sewing)

Hello students and families!

Last year we changed the way that we charge for lab fees. Each student regardless of their ability to pay will have the materials to create the expected projects for sewing. Woodland Joint School District is covering the expenses. If a student wants to take home an item that they make, they must pay for the item to reimburse the school district for the materials. So, the students have a choice this year. They may pay a flat lab fee of $30.00 for the entire year and take home whatever they make in class or pay by article. It is less expensive for the students to pay the flat lab fee than buying each item that they wish to take home. Please discuss this with your student and let me know your decision as soon as possible.

With warm regards, Mrs. Daniels

Welcome student interns!!!!

Welcome to Careers with Children! I am excited about all of the wonderful experiences that you will have this year in class and at your placements.

Please note that there are some significant changes in ROP Careers with Children this year. I have first period prep. and cannot by contract teach a class during this time. However, the students are scheduled for Careers with Children during both first and second period. Students are expected to be at their placements first and second period on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Monday and Friday they are to be in class at PHS during second period. The students not expected to be on campus Monday and Friday during first period. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regardng this. aimee.daniels@wjusd.org.

Careers with Children

Careers with Children



SELF Class!

I am so excited about our new SELF class at PHS. Mrs. Pareas and I are happy to bring the students the extra support that will launch our students into adulthood and independence. We have great things planned for this year. I can't wait!!!!