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Summer Programs

Athletic Enrichment Academic Support Academic Enrichment
Summer Volleyball Camp 

Summer School

Whether it is due to poor life choices or insufficient academic skills not all students are successful their first attempt in core classes. Summer school is available for students to remediate their grades and to recover the necessary units for graduation. There are a few restrictions on summer school courses:

  • Only basic core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Science) are available for Summer School- Elective courses, Honors and AP classes are not available 
  • Only 9th - 12th grade students are allowed to recover credits through summer school. Incoming 9th grade students are not allowed to take high school courses in summer school. 
  • There are no excused absences or tardies (2 tardies = 1 absence) Students who miss three days of summer school will automatically be dropped from the summer school program.

Academic and Leadership Academy

The ALA is available for incoming 9th grade students. The goals of the summer academy are:

  1. Prepare students for high school English
  2. Make transition from middle to high school and academic advising
  3. Expose students to college requirements and options
  4. Develop students’’ leadership and communication skills
  5. Help students develop their natural talents using the Strengths Quest assessment

This challenging academic experience prepares students for success in high school and sets the foundation for success in college. Applications will be available at PHS or the middle school counseling office. Only fully completed applications will be considered.


*All students who complete and pass the academy will earn 5 high school elective credits.


WTC Tennis Camp

Link Crew 


The PHS Link Crew is a program to support incoming freshmen as they transition from junior high into high school.


Link Crew teams are small groups of freshmen who are lead and mentored by current junior and senior students.


In addition to coordinating our Freshmen Orientation in August, Link Crew leaders will meet with their team members to periodically check on their progress, encourage them to become involved in school activities and serve as examples of how to be a successful high school student. 

AP Euro Summer Boot Campbootlogo1.jpg