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Physical Education
Anglin, Dana (530) 661-4503 Teacher
Bryson, Matthew (530) 661-4579 Teacher
Hook, Gary (530) 661-4579 Teacher
Merrida, Linda (530) 661-4578 Teacher
Stowell, Charles (530) 661-4609 Teacher
Ussery, Megan Teacher

Physical Education courses develop skills and knowledge of various sport units, which promote physical development and fitness and provide the basis for recreational activities following completion of high school. The student's knowledge of safety and health, leadership, and good sportsmanship is enhanced. Students are required to dress in PE uniforms for all courses except Walking for Fitness. Uniforms can be purchased in the student store. It is the responsibility of the individual student to provide and launder his/her uniform. No student may enroll in more than one physical education class per semester, unless deficient in PE credits for graduation. (Physical Education Assistant not included). All incoming ninth must enroll in Physical Education 9.

Physical Education Courses

9th Grade Courses

Co-Ed PE 9
Year (10 credits)
This program is designed to provide students with the cognitive skills to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will participate in a variety of team and individual sport units. Units may consist of the following: football - bowling - lacrosse - hockey - volleyball - soccer - basketball - golf - frisbee - softball - tennis - pickleball - badminton and fitness. Students will be able to demonstrate motor skills, knowledge of fitness, psychological and sociological concepts through a variety physical activities.


10th – 12th Grade Courses

Court Sports SN210F SN210S Semester (5 credits) PHS WHS This course is designed to introduce and provide the opportunity for students to participate in cardiovascular activity using sports that are played on courts. The ability to work well with others and participate at the high level daily is expected. This course fulfills one semester of the 2 year Physical Education requirements. Students will be participating in the following activities: volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton and pickleball.


Team Activities
Semester (5 credits)
This class will emphasize large group activities and games with traditional team sports as a foundation. Units will include: flag football, soccer, basketball, court hockey, lacrosse, softball, and volleyball. Students will be taught basic skills, rules, and strategies for each unit. A focal point will be the social aspect of working with others. Cardiovascular fitness will also be highlighted. The course will be open to students in the 10th to 12th grades.

Weight Training Men Women
Semester (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Physical Education 9
An elective course designed to promote proficiency in strength development through resistance workouts. Students will be able to identify, explain, and demonstrate proper lifting technique, muscular structure, types of strength training, fitness and nutrition concepts and vocabulary. The course will enable students to improve muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and posture.

Walking for Fitness
Semester (5 credits)
Requirement: Athletic Shoes
Students will participate in daily walks on a given course. Students will walk a given course for time and distance. Students course may be laps on the track, a stadium walk on the bleachers, a walk on the open field grass area or a neighborhood block walk. The emphasis of this class is on cardiovascular conditioning and life long fitness through walking. Student's grade is based on a percentage of total laps designated for the entire semester.

Conditioning For Interscholastic Athletes
Semester (5 credits)
This one semester course fulfills part of the graduation requirement for Physical Education. Students will engage in conditioning activities that focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, strength training, plyometrics, and flexibility. This class is for interscholastic athletes only (i.e., volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, wrestling, track, and cross country athletes). The overall goal for this class is to physically prepare athletes for their respective sports.

Conditioning for Baseball
Semester (5 credits)
Conditioning involving skills and strength in preparation for the Interscholastic Baseball Program.

Conditioning for Football
Semester (5 credits)
This course is designed to develop speed, agility, strength, cardiovascular endurance and the fundamental football skills and concepts to prepare the student athlete for the upcoming football season. The student will need a signed admittance slip by the instructor before the student may be admitted to the class. This is due to the vigorous exercise required for this course. This course will enable the students to perform a variety of Olympic style lifts correctly and safely. This course will enable the students to be able to obtain the cardiovascular fitness levels necessary to compete at the interscholastic level. This course will enable the students to gain knowledge of various types of training regimens. This course is designed to obtain a fitness level which is higher than an introductory weight training class and should only be taken by student athletes who are serious about participation for an interscholastic football program.